How can I find a wedding makeup artist who won’t overdo my wedding makeup?

The last thing you need is to look plastic or stuck with dramatic eye makeup that would be immortalized in your photos.

Here are some tips to making sure you get the right person to do the job.

1. Research.

  • Check them out on facebook. 
  • Click through your feed to see whose makeup you truly love then send out a message on who did it.
  • Ask around and use your own network – that is friends and family.

2. Try them out first.

  • A good makeup artist will let you try out their services. The makeup artist should be able to follow your directions, listen to you and be able to do the job well. 
  • Book early. Like the dress, the photographer, the invites and venue, your makeup is important too. Don’t do this at the last minute.
  • Expect to buy the lip color from the makeup artist for touch ups —you shouldn’t need to reapply anything else.

 3. Know what you want.
A seasoned makeup artist can give you that flattering look – however if you speak up during the trial, you can give them an idea on how you want it. From the wedding’s theme, color you don’t like, the kind of dress you will wear, down to the shoes. Bring pictures or show him pins of the style you hope to get.

Your makeup is as important as your dress. It lives on in the memories and photos taken of that special event. Make it special.


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