Foundation Mistakes to Avoid

Any woman who wears makeup has made these mistakes at least once: buying the wrong shade, not blending well, keeping makeup long after you’re supposed to and putting on more than you should.

We at DEX New York have compiled a list of common mistakes and what you can do to fix them.

Applying foundation on your neck.

Normally, our necks isn’t the place for makeup. Foundation placed on your neck will eventually get on your everyday work clothes and that’s hard to clean. It also makes you stop to think, if you’re feel that you have to put foundation on your neck because you’re using the same color on your face, aren’t you using the wrong shade? If your neck has a distinctly different color, then shouldn’t you be looking for a shade that matches your neck? Another issue to consider is that for some, the neck could be a shade lighter or darker than the shade for your face.

The wrong shade.

When testing out a color, always check the results in natural light. Keep it neutral. A neutral-tone foundation will soften the redness rather than make it look worse. Always remember, the shade should enhance your skin tone, not exaggerate or mask it.

Too much foundation.

After watching youtube half a dozen times on how to put foundation (do contouring, camouflaging etc), it can be very tempting to overdo it. Why are you using foundation? Are you trying to conceal bad skin (have you tried changing your skin-care routine)? A foundation’s job is to enhance beautiful skin, rather than cover its blemishes. If your skin is clear and glowing, it is best to apply less in order to look more natural. Better yet – try something light, like the Mineral Hydrator.

Blend, blend, blend!

With the right tools (a sponge or foundation brush) you can get smooth results in minutes. Pay extra attention to the hairline, jaw line, around your nostrils, the upper lip, and around the eyes (especially if you have wrinkles). It also helps to use a magnifying mirror to check for mistakes. Magnifying mirrors can be scary (Who wants to see their pores that big?), but they can be a huge help to make sure your foundation looks smooth and everything else about your makeup is perfectly blended.

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