7 Makeup Bag Essentials Every Girl Should Own

A basic makeup kit will never leave your bag. It can take you from school to party nights or even overnighters. It doesn’t have to be a suitcase. All you need is to know what you can wear daily and how much time you have to apply these products.

A product that has more than one function doesn’t only save space, but time when it comes to applying make up. Consider these items:

  1. The DEX New York Mineral Hydrator is a a primer, sunscreen, skincare treatment, moisturizer and foundation in one tube. It is perfect for any weather or any occasion. All you need is a small amount to create a water-resistant veil of natural looking coverage.
  2. The Mineral Retouch Concealer is applied to hide blemishes, sores, eye bags, and other facial imperfections. Mineral Retouch has a very lightweight, true skin-like feel, which is an unfamiliar characteristic for most full coverage cosmetic products. DEX Mineral Retouch is a cream-like, mineral-based foundation that offers medium to heavy coverage.
  3. Any makeup kit should always have a blush. After all, vibrant cheeks suggest a healthy and happy face.
  4. An eyeliner is used on the edges of your eyelids closest to your eyes and just below the eyes. It can make your eyes wider or smaller, depending  on how you apply it.
  5. Another must-have is a a creamy luxurious lipstick. DEX New York lipsticks protect and condition lips with a memorable moist look and feel.
  6. Powders can set your foundation and prevent it from wearing off. A Mineral Finishing Powder over foundation to enhance a complexion color and create a natural appearance. 
  7. Lastly, make up application tools are essential for creating flawless makeup. Plus using a professional makeup brush will also keep your hands off your face before they can leave behind a layer of dirt, oil and bacteria that can cause breakouts.


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