Inspired by the dramatic, imaginative and constantly sparkling fashion industry and music-filled nightlife of New York City, DEX introduces the runway-and-street inspired line of modern mineral makeup that is “natural, not neutral.” DEX Modern Minerals feature backstage and everyday essentials as well as a wide range of strikingly vibrant hues that are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, sun protection formulated, and eco-friendly. Created by Dex Phillip, Founder and CEO of DEX New York Cosmetics, Inc, with the assistance of his internationally renowned artist, photographer, and stylist-associates, DEX Modern Minerals is makeup artist and photographer approved – an unusual feat for a mineral makeup line.

Unlike typical mineral makeup products that use either too-shimmery Mica or dehydrating Bismuth Oxychloride as the base for their powder formulations, DEX researchers chose to invest in the restorative DEX Peptide Complex to act as a part of its unique core base. The DEX peptide Complex combines a matrix-fibroblast stimulant with Palmitoyl hexapeptide-14 and a plant-derived extract (peat) to maximize skin’s regenerative properties, acting as a wrinkle reducing agent with collagen-production stimulating abilities. Furthermore, DEX blended the complex with 24k colloidal gold to allow efficient penetration into the skin and aide in the products’ ability to stay on the skin without drying the skin’s surface as Bismuth Oxychloride does.

DEX Modern Minerals provides long-term anti-aging results with an
instantly radiant and fresh, photo-ready finish.

Named after iconic streets (Wall Street Onyx, High Line Metallic Blue and Schubert Alley Cantaloupe), music-filled neighborhoods (Harlem Night’s Sapphire, The Met Star White, Rockefeller Gold), idyllic New York getaway spots (Sag Harbor, Montauk) and even once-existent notorious nightclubs (Twilo, Limelight, Studio 54), that DEX himself experienced, lived through and loved, DEX brings New York’s vivacity alive through his mineral makeup collection.



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